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Honorary MSBA Members

Al Gag

One of the biggest meeting on the MSBA calendar is March and the reason is simple.  Al Gags is the speaker.  MSBA members know the fishing season is ready to begin when we hear Al open up hi annual talk with his now legendary statement to the MSBA membership, "It's good to be home."  

Al's mix of comedy and fishing techniques makes for a great evening and his donations of his quality lures always help MSBA keep our raffle tables making money.  

Al's annual visit is highly anticipated and it only makes sense that he is an Honorary Life Member.

Capt. Roger Brousseau

For many years, Capt. Roger is a central figure in the Boston/South Shore recreational fishing community.  
Capt. Roger has hosted the Boston Harbor Fisherman's Dinner for many years and has always made MSBA a part of that traditional event.  

Each year, Captain Roger donates a trip to the MSBA Striper Swiper
Junior Members Program and in past years has stepped up and donated meeting locations, resources and most importantly his time to this very important program.  Capt Roger never misses an opportunity to
advance the MSBA message and after years of dedicated service to the organization was finally made an
Honorary life member.

Ed Nowack

If you are going to talk about the recreational fishing media in MA you can not get through the first sentence without bringing up the name of Ed Nowack.  This long time reporter for The Fisherman Magazine has never pulled a punch when writing about the issues we all care about.  Ed has also never pulled a punch when it comes to his support for MSBA.  Ed is regularly seen amidst our members at monthly meetings and has truely been a pioneer for many of us that write in fishing publications today.  Even though it would be easy for Ed to sit back and live a relaxed live of a retiree, Ed still serves on the New England Fisheries Management Council Recreational Fishing Advisory Panel and is one of the few on that board that stands up for the individual angler.  MSBA is proud to have Ed as and Honorary Life Member.  

Capt. Lou Gainor

Captain Lou Gainor has been the host of WATD's award winning Nautical Talk Radio for many years.  Captain Lou has been a strong supporter of MSBA for just as long and is always willing to use his radio program to
help MSBA spread the word on our latest political campaign or social event.  After many years of this kind of support, Captain Lou was made an Honorary Life Member of the MSBA.

Charlie Cinto

Charlie Cinto is a co-holder of the MA State Striped Bass Record for his legendary catch of a 73 pound Striped Bass in 1967.  For many years, Charlie has displayed the mount of his catch along with his famous mount of a "pug nosed" striped bass at the MSBA Annual Expo.  Even though many anglers would charge for this public attraction, Charlie has always insisted that he receive no compensation and donated his time and his mounts to help MSBA and our event.  Charlie is a true ambassador or the MA fishing community and MSBA was very proud to make him an Honorary Life Member.

Rick Newcomb

Just like his parents before him Rick Newcomb, proprietor of Fore River B&T in Quincy is a true "old school" tackle shop owner.  Rick has always been a member of MSBA and it would require a book length document to explain the many ways Rick has used his shop to advance the MSBA.  Rick also has always had a special affinity toward the MSBA Juniors Program.  To describe For River B&T as a retail establishment would be to discount the importance of this South Shore fishing community center.  At the
center of this importance is Rick and his family and this is why he was made an Honorary Life Member of MSBA.

Ed Lofgren

Many recreational fishers do not know anything about Ed Lofgren.  When told he is the owner of 3A Marine in Hingham MA they sometime remember the name.  MSBA knows that Ed has been a long time leader in the Marine Trades Industry here in MA and has been a relentless advocate during the clean up of Boston Harbor.  An accomplished fishermen himself, Ed has long been on the board of Save the Harbor and other important Boston Harbor projects.  Ed has been a tireless advocate for keeping our local waters healthy and clean and MSBA knows that he is deserving of much praise for all his work.  It is the least we could do to say thanks to Ed  by Making him and Honorary Life Member of MSBA.   

Wendy Paquette

If you have attended  a monthly meeting between 1997 and 2017  Wendy was the woman  at the front of the room.  Secretary, Treasurer, Merchandise, Expo committee, Expo Treasurer are just some of the positions Wendy has held over the years.   Always willing to help  and there when you need her she has given MSBA her all. For all She has done for the club over the years  Honary Life Member is a fitting Thank You for all the hard work and dedication to the MSBA.


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